Speciality Products

Mirage is keen to work on bespoke developments, on short, medium or long term projects.

Mirage manufacture many bespoke ranges including fluorescent, phosphorescent, thermochromic & conductive inks & coatings.

Some of the products that Mirage can supply are:-

  • Luminescent Inks
  • Including both Phosphorescent Inks (Glow in the Dark) &  Fluorescent (Invisible under normal lighting, but visible under UV).
  • A complete range of colours are available – please consult Mirage to discuss individual requirements.
  • As with the Phosphorescent materials, these inks are highly specialised with the price based on the intensity / colour / resistance properties of finish required.

Before the use of any of the above please consult Mirage for technical assistance.

Conventional visible fluorescent colours are also available under the Mirage product name of Polyfluor (solventbased) – these have very poor lightfastness properties.


A range of water based thermochromic flexo inks suitable for printing onto absorbent papers and board substrates giving a reversible colour change. Available in a wide range of activation temperatures & colours.


Mirage manufacture a steam sterilisation indicator ink – called ‘Aquaclave’.

This is a water based (lead-free) indicator ink which will give a permanent colour change after steam sterilisation by autoclave.  The ink is supplied as a two-pot system to extend the shelf life.


Mirage manufacture a conductive black formulated to give good adhesion on treated polyester.  The ink gives good solvent release and offers conductivity of <300ohms over 235mmm once fully dry at a high dry film weight of 10g/m2. Note: not suitable for flexo application.


A selection of iridescent and pearl finishes are available in waterbased, solvent, & UV cured effects. Other products & finishes can be evaluated on request.


High lustre metallics that can be printed to produce a similar finish to metallised film.

For further information and specification see the Mirastar product data sheet.

Due to the nature of this market it is difficult to give a definitive list of products available as technology is moving forward all the time, and also Mirage have to respect the confidentiality of its existing customers.

Any interested party should contact the development department within Mirage to discuss its individual  requirements so that inks can be designed and subsequently manufactured with complete confidentiality assured.