UV Cationic

Suitable for most demanding specifications of flexible packaging for printing a wide range of polymer, paper & foil substrates.

A selection of the Quartz ranges are listed below, all of which when exposed to high energy UV are instantly converted to a solid using an acid catalysed process. If the ink type for your application is not listed please contact us.

INKS – A full range of colours is available for supply either as bases for in-house blending or as pre-matched colours. Other speciality colours are available e.g. iridescent, pearlescent and invisible fluorescent.

LACQUERS – Available versions range from very high gloss to matt, providing exceptional scuff, heat and product resistance. Compatible with specifically developed solvent and water based ink systems.

ADHESIVES – Providing excellent lamination bonds, available in either clear or opaque versions for pre or post cure applications.

RELEASE COATINGS – Silicone and other release coatings are compatible with the Quartz range of inks.

PRINTING APPLICATIONS Shrink Sleeves, Cartons, Flexible packaging, Polyamide casings, Labels, In Mould applications, Industrial applications.


A high gloss general purpose ultra violet curing Ink System for industrial (non-food) Flexo applications giving very high adhesion to a number of flexible packaging films.


A high gloss ultra violet curing ink system for Flexo applications that can satisfy migration issues when printed onto a range of polymer substrates intended for some food packaging applications.


A low odour, high gloss ultra violet curing Ink System for Flexo applications. This range was certified by ISEGA in 2008 to be Food Packaging Compliant in terms of migration results & has been primarily developed for the printing of polyamide ‘sausage’ casings.


Offering lower odour, improved water resistance and adhesive performance over the standard Stellar system, giving better adhesion for applications that require prolonged periods of soaking in water and on aged print.


A low odour, high gloss ultra violet curing Ink System for Flexo applications with fast cure speed.


A high gloss low odour ultra violet curing Ink System for Flexo applications that gives a higher degree of chemical resistance & a faster ‘cure’ speed than the standard Quartz & Ultra systems.


A range of UV cationic silicone release coatings for paper & filmic applications that work in conjunction with the Quartz ink series.