Water Based

Experienced supplier of high quality water based inks – a selection are listed below, however, if the ink type for your application is not listed please contact us.

Each range is available for supply either as ‘base’ colours for in-house blending, or can be supplied as pre-matched colours.

AQUAMAIL – Developed to meet the needs of envelope printers, as an alternative to the traditional solvent based dye inks. Especially suited to absorbent substrates, giving very fast drying.

AQUARIUS – Inks formulated for general use on papers and boards both coated and uncoated. Also available as a low curl version developed for flood coating of paper which when dry gives minimal paper curl.

SAPPHIRE – Is a high performance water based ink for printing onto high density and low density polythene. As a range it offers properties consistent with high street carrier bag.

SAPPHIRE SE – A high performance water based ink for printing PE coated board & grease proof papers – the range of colours being grease resistant.

GLACIER – Developed to meet the requirements of today’s customers who require high quality, bright water based inks. Suitable for labels, pre-print & high quality post-print work.

AQUACLAVE – Is a water based indicator ink which will give a permanent colour change after steam sterilisation by autoclave.

A range of additives is also available including defoamers, stabilizers and drying speed adjusters.

  • Suitable for a wide range of substrates including polymer film.
  • Speciality inks and coatings for security applications.